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Our agency has been working with Ukrainian brands since 2018.

Our goal is non-conveyor agency work.

We do not use standard solutions and standard approaches.

We have our own algorithm and strategy for each client.

We don't like tents and pictures shaking hands.  

If it responds to you - respond, please!

Promotion strategy

  •  defining promotion goals

  •  identification of platforms and analysis of formats

  •   analysis of CA and relevant content for it

  •  analysis of competitor activity in social networks and their positioning

  •  development of positioning in social networks

  •  defining promotion goals

  •  development of a unique rubric

  •  development of 2 alternative visual concepts

  • development of page design

  •  ideas of collaborations with brands \ influencers

  •  moodboard of photo sessions

  •  timeline

SMM     support

With subscriber support, you will receive a team that will professionally approach the creation of content and the meanings that need to be embedded in it.


We don't just create a "pretty visual", we analyze how your brand can become top of mind.

Together with you at the strategy stage, we will determine why others will want to buy from you.

What deep motives and reasons should appear in the client's head to buy from you, and not from a competitor.


We will determine the EXTRA that you will give to your customers.

  1.  ​Сreating an editorial plan

  2.  Development of visuals

  3.  Text design

  4.  Designing and publishing Stories

  5.  Design and publication of Reels

  6.  Moderation of the page

  7.  Carrying out activations


  • logo design 

  • development of branded elements

  • identity development (color pairs and font pairs)

  • branding of social networks

  • icons (10 elements)

  • office 

  • merch

  • a guide to using the brandbook


  1. Conducting in-depth and quantitative research

  2. Definition of positioning

  3. Analysis of the target audience

  4. Definition of barriers

  5. Customer journey analysis

  6. Brand emotions and ratios

  7. TOV and messages

  8. Slogan

  9. KEY Visual


9.  Ideas for commercials

10. Rubricator

11.  Promotion - ideas:

  • Points of contact

  • Social responsibility

  • Collaborations

  • Media

  • Events and activities

  • Own products


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